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PREH KEYTEC HospiTouch Alphanumeric POS Keyboards

PREH KEYTEC HospiTouch Alphanumeric POS Keyboards
Alphanumerical professional keyboard, ideal for medical usageSimple cleaning thanks to wear-resistant glass surface and cleaning functionIntegrated touchpad, providing exact usage, even while wearing medical glovesResistant to liquids, acids and dust   »Ver mas

Clasificacion: POS > POS Keyboards > Preh Keytec HOSPITOUCH

  • Codigo: HOSPITOUCH Fabricante: Preh Keytec
  • Desde: 199,94 € En Stock
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  • Preh Keytec 90327-011/1801 PrehKeyTec HospiTouch, QWERTZ, USB, blanco Teclado, Sanidad, Teclado (QWERTZ), Touchpad, USB, IP65, Color: blanco...
    199,94 €
    241,93 € IVA incl.
    En Stock

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