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10-LCD Glancetron 10-LCD
12-LCD Glancetron 12-LCD
Glancetron 1205/1210 GLANCETRON 1205/1210
1260 Glancetron 1260
Glancetron 1290 GLANCETRON 1290
1300 Glancetron 1300
15-LCD-B Glancetron 15 -LCD - B
15L Glancetron 15L
Glancetron 17L GLANCETRON 17L Touch Monitors
2009 Lector de código de barras Glancetron 2009
Glancetron 22 GLANCETRON 22
70-CT Glancetron 70-CT
70-SM Glancetron 70-SM
Glancetron 8005 GLANCETRON 8005
8031 Glancetron 8031
Glancetron 8034 GLANCETRON 8034
Glancetron 8035 GLANCETRON 8035
Glancetron 8036 GLANCETRON 8036
Glancetron 8045 GLANCETRON 8045
Glancetron 8802 GLANCETRON 8802
Glancetron 8805 GLANCETRON 8805
Glancetron 8806 GLANCETRON 8806
Glancetron Booksize-9400 GLANCETRON BOOKSIZE 9400
Glancetron Booksize-9500 GLANCETRON BOOKSIZE 9500
Glancetron BOOKSIZE-9550 GLANCETRON Booksize 9550 Ultra Slim POS PC
GLANCETRON-70-ST Glancetron 70-ST
Glancetron GT15multi GLANCETRON GT15multi
GT19OPEN Glancetron GT19open
Glancetron GTplus GLANCETRON GTplus
Glancetron GTwide GLANCETRON GTwide
Glancetron K400/K500 GLANCETRON K400/K500
Glancetron K600 GLANCETRON K600
K700 Glancetron K700
K900 Glancetron K900
16D010072B Glancetron VFD-display
Glancetron 22D050102-000B Colormetrics power supply
2401 Brackets Mounting brackets para Glancetron Booksize PC 9500/9550
2401-BB Glancetron Booksize 9500, black
Glancetron 3CMD9MJT0100 RS232 adaptor cable
4075 Glancetron printercable
49307 OEM-Mouse, 3 key, con PS/2-connector para Glancetron Booksize-POS
61V207021111 Inverter para Glancetron K400
6PWA0651B802 Glancetron fuente de alimentación
6PWA0901A371 Glancetron Power Supply
6PWA0901A372 Glancetron Power Supply
Glancetron 6PWS25010110 Replacement PS for K400
Glancetron 8802sta1 + 8802sta2 Adjustable stand
9550 Glancetron Booksize 9550, negro
AD-1280 Glancetron fuente de alimentación
AM-1290001-00 Glancetron 1290 cable, USB-R cable, negro
AM-1290002-00 Glancetron 1290 cable, USB-R cable, blanco
AM-1290003-00 Glancetron 1290 cable, RS232, negro
AM-1290004-00 Glancetron 1290 cable, RS232, blanco
Glancetron AM-8031001-00 Key lock para teclado 8031. There are total 7 positions, from 0-6, each position can be preset para a diffrent security level. 5 keys included
AM-8802002-01 RFID Modul para Glancetron 8802E, 8802U
AM-8802012-00 MSR para Glancetron 8802
Glancetron AM-8802013-01 Customer-display, 8802-E
Glancetron AM-8802015-00 Customer-display, 8802-U
AM-8802D02-00 MSR para Glancetron 8802 Easy rev. B
Glancetron AM-8802D03-00 Customer-display, 8802-E rev. B
Glancetron AM-8802D04-00 RFID module 13,56MHz (ISO 14443, MiFare) vale para 8802 Easy rev. B
Glancetron AM-8805004-01 Pantalla, 2x20 characters, para back-side mounting, RS232 connection, vale para 8805 Easy rev. A
Glancetron AM-8805005-02 LCD-screen, 26.3cm (10.4')
Glancetron AM-8805005-03 LCD-screen, 26.3cm (10.4'')
Glancetron AM-8805007-00 Wi-Fi interface, 802.11b/g, para 8805E
AM-8805016-00 MSR para Glancetron 8805E, 8805U
Glancetron AM-8805017-00 Pantalla, 8805-U / 8805-E rev. B
DSP802-JT Glancetron 8036, Kit (RS232), negro, RS232
DSP802U-JT Glancetron 8036, Kit (USB), negro, USB
E1757206016R Glancetron fuente de alimentación
Glancetron EML-103 black Vesa mount, adjustable, black
Glancetron EML-201 Vesa fix-mount, black
Glancetron epsirinstit Installation Windows Italian
FT806530 PSU for Glancetron 9400
GC-1290001-00 Glancetron 1290 cable, USB, negro
GC-1290002-00 Glancetron 1290 cable, USB, blanco
GC-1300KG Glancetron Cable
GC-6M6M6FY Spare Part cable de conexión para POS teclado Glancetron 8031, color: blanco
GC-6M6M6FYG Spare Part cable de conexión für POS teclado Glancetron 8031, color: negro
GC-8034004-00 USB cable, color: blanco, vale para: Glancetron 8034
GC-8034YW RS232 Cable, color: blanco, para Glancetron 8034
GC-8615008-00 Replacement cable RJ-45 to USB para Glancetron 15L
GC-MSR-R Glancetron accessories
GC-MSRK001-00 Glancetron 1290 cable, KBW, negro
GC-MSRK002-00 Glancetron 1290 cable, KBW, blanco
GT-17L Glancetron 17L, 43,2cm (17''), negro
GT-19OPD Glancetron GT19open, 48.3 cm (19''), Projected Capacitive
GT10-BK-01 Glancetron 10, 26,4cm (10,4''), black
GT15MULTI Glancetron GT-15multi, 38.1 cm (15'), black
GT15WIDE Glancetron GT-15wide, 39.6 cm (15,6'), black
GT19WIDE Glancetron GT-19wide, 47 cm (18.5'), black
GT8-USB Glancetron GT8-USB, 20,3cm (8''), negro
GT8-USB-BK Glancetron GT8-USB, 21.3cm (8.4''), black
GT8-USB-WH Glancetron GT8-USB, 21.3cm (8.4''), white
gtpos622 Glancetron K600, 38.1 cm (15''), VFD, PosReady 7, fanless
JB-1300001-00 w/TR-LAD1512 Glancetron 1300, RS232, KBW, black
JB-1300002-00 /w TR-LAD1512 Glancetron 1300, RS232, KBW, white
JB-1300B01-00 Glancetron 1300B, USB, Multi-IF, negro
JB-1300B02-00 Glancetron 1300B, Multi-IF, blanco
JC-1210R5U-00 Glancetron 1210R-23, RS232, white
JC-1210R6U-00 Glancetron 1210R-123, RS232, white
JC-1218U6U-20 Glancetron 1200, USB, black
JC-1260K4U-00 Glancetron 1260K-12, PS/2, blanco
JC-1260K6U-20 Glancetron 1260K-123, PS/2, black
JC-1290M6U-01 Glancetron 1290, Multi-IF, blanco
JC-1290M6U-21 Glancetron 1290, Multi-IF, negro
JD-8034002-0U Glancetron 8034, Kit (RS232), blanco, RS232
JD-8034002-2U Glancetron 8034, Kit (RS232), negro, RS232
JD-8034004-0U Glancetron 8034, Kit (USB), blanco, USB
JD-8034004-2U Glancetron 8034, Kit (USB), negro, USB
JD-8035002-20 Glancetron 8035, kit (USB), black, USB
JD-8035005-20 Glancetron 8035, Kit (USB), negro, USB
JK-8031U0X-01 Glancetron Keyboard 8031, Num., RS232, PS/2, Kit, blanco
JK-8031U0X-21 Glancetron Keyboard 8031, num., RS232, PS/2, kit, black
JK-8031U6X-01 Glancetron Keyboard 8031, Num., MKL, RS232, PS/2, Kit, blanco
JK-8031U6X-21 Glancetron Keyboard 8031, num., MSR, RS232, PS/2, kit, black
JO-8005001-00 Glancetron 8005-1 RS 232 opener
JO-8005002-00 Glancetron 8005-U USB opener
JP-70CT001-00 Glancetron 70-CT, changetray, 17.8cm (7''), silver/black
JP-70CTU01-00 Glancetron 70-CT, changetray, 17.8cm (7''), silver/black
JP-70PLU01-00 Glancetron 70-ST, 17,8cm (7''), negro
JP-70SM001-00 Glancetron 70-SM, 17,8cm (7''), plata/negro
JP-70SMU01-00 Glancetron 70-SM, 17,8cm (7''), plata/negro
JP-8615017-04 Glancetron 15L, 38,1cm (15''), gris oscuro
JP-8802D01-00 Glancetron 8802 Easy rev. B, 30,7cm (12,1''), negro
JP-8802E01-03 Glancetron 8802 Easy, 30.5 cm (12''), black
JP-8802U01-01 Glancetron 8802 Ultimate, 30.5 cm (12'), black
JP-8802U01-02 Glancetron 8802 Ultimate, 30,5cm (12''), negro
JP-8805D01-00 Glancetron 8805 Easy rev. B, 38,1cm (15''), negro
JP-8805E01-06 Glancetron 8805 Easy, 38.1 cm (15'), black
JP-8805E01-08 Glancetron 8805 Easy, 38,1cm (15''), negro
JP-8805U04-01 Glancetron 8805 Ultimate, 38.1 cm (15'), black
JP-8805U04-03 Glancetron 8805 Ultimate, 38.1 cm (15''), black
JP-8805U04-04 Glancetron 8805 Ultimate, 38.1 cm (15''), black
JP-8806001-00 Glancetron 8806, 38.1 cm (15''), black, fanless
JS-STAND01-00 Glancetron Smart Stand
Glancetron JT-041 Z1N260-313L/K Replacement lock para K-1 cajón con 2 keys, estándar closure
JT-1024 GT15plus Glancetron GT15plus, 38,1cm (15''), negro
Glancetron JT-387 Z1TNR33-1461 Spare-Part: Rubber Foot con screw para 8070
Glancetron JT-388 Z1DR-19-B1 Spare Part: roll para slide in cajón portamonedas 8070
Glancetron JT-44t two KEYs Spare KEYs for K-1
Glancetron JT-803 8070KIT4 Change Kit A for 8070
Glancetron JT-846 8070KIT8 Conversion kit B für K-1
JT-888 GT17PLUS Glancetron GT17plus, 43.2 cm (17''), black
JT-99n GT19plus Glancetron GT19plus, 48.3 cm (19''), black
Glancetron JT-XXX 38001153009100 + 18070081007508 Coin Insertion DKK for K-1
Glancetron JT-XXX 38001153009100 + 18070081007528 Coin Insertion NOK for K-1
Glancetron JT-XXX 38001153009100 + 18070081007530 Coint Insertion SEK for K-1
Glancetron JT-XXX 38001153009100 + 18070081007561 Coin Insertion CZK for K-1
Glancetron JT-XXX 38001153009100 + 18070081007564 Coin Insertion HUF for K-1
Glancetron JT-XXX 38001153009100 + 18070081007575 Coin Insertion RUB for K-1
K1D0A0000-003B LCM-display para Glancetron K700
K1D0A0001-00EB VFD-display para Glancetron K700
K1D0A0010-001B Glancetron iButton
K1D0A0021-004B Glancetron 2D Barcode Scanner
K1D0A0022-000B Glancetron RFID module
K4300 Glancetron K400, 38.1 cm (15'), black
K5300 Glancetron K500, 43.2 cm (17'), black
K600 Glancetron K600, 38.1 cm (15'), fanless
K600-2 Glancetron K600 Bezel-Free, 38.1 cm (15''), fanless
K600-2SSD Glancetron K600 Bezel-Free, 38,1cm (15''), SSD, sin ventilador
K600SSD Glancetron K600, 38.1 cm (15''), SSD, fanless
K700 Glancetron K700, 38.1 cm (15''), fanless
K7002D Glancetron K700, 38.1 cm (15''), Scanner (2D), fanless
K7002DIB Glancetron K700, 38.1 cm (15''), iButton, Scanner (2D), fanless
K7002DIBRF Glancetron K700, 38.1 cm (15''), RFID, iButton, Scanner (2D), fanless
K7002DRF Glancetron K700, 38.1 cm (15''), RFID, Scanner (2D), fanless
K700IB Glancetron K700, 38.1 cm (15''), iButton, fanless
K700IB2 Glancetron K700, 38,1cm (15''), SSD, iButton, sin ventilador
K700IBRF Glancetron K700, 38.1 cm (15''), RFID, iButton, fanless
K700RF Glancetron K700, 38.1 cm (15''), RFID, fanless
K900 Glancetron K900, 38.1 cm (15''), VFD, integr. receipt printer, anthracite
K900-iBMSR Glancetron lector de bandas magnéticas + iButton
K900-iButton iButton reader para Glancetron K900
K900-MSR Glancetron lector de bandas magnéticas
M-913 Glancetron 8045, negro, acero inoxidable
Glancetron META-k2mount Metapace Montageset para Under table
Glancetron OF-8034GCG RS232 cable set para 8034, negro
Glancetron P07012063021 MSR con Addimat waiter key reader
Glancetron P07012073012 Magnetic stripe reader, biometric
P070120R0001 Glancetron K600 lector de bandas magnéticas
P070120R0003 Glancetron lector de bandas magnéticas
Glancetron P070130K3010 lector de bandas magnéticas, negro
Glancetron P070730P0000 lector de huellas dactilares, negro
Glancetron P073V220D071 Pantalla, 2x20 characters, 700 nits, para back-side mounting, connection: RS232, vale para: 17L
P073V220D0M1 pantalla, 2x20 character, VFD, para Glancetron K600
P073V220D0M4 pantalla, 2x20 character, VFD, para Glancetron K600-2
Glancetron P840260 Mouse
Glancetron power supply for K400 Replacement PS for K400
PSA-3612 fuente de alimentación Glancetron
PSA-501202 Glancetron fuente de alimentación
PSA-957-16066-1200 Glancetron fuente de alimentación
T-109 Insert para Glancetron 8045
T-112 Glancetron 8045 mounting bracket
Glancetron TR-218FD12V-01 w/ GC-218FD220V Fuente de alimetación (Power supply) para Display 8034
Glancetron TR-A136S12-01 Fuente de alimetación (fuente de alimentación) para 8615 (15L)
TR-LAD1512 Glancetron power supply
Glancetron USB Disklaufwerk External USB floppydrive
VT-22WDT Glancetron 22, 55.9 cm (22'), black
VT-22WDTL Glancetron 22, 55.9 cm (22''), black
WK-2x1TOPW + WK-2x1COVER Double key para Glancetron 8031
WK-2x2TOPW + WK-2x2COVER Quad key para Glancetron 8031
Glancetron WK-8031WE Keyset for 8031 keyboard
Glancetron Z3TUBULAR CAM LOCK Replacement lock para K-1 cajón con 2 keys, random lock

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