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Sensor Zebra M-300-P

Sensor Zebra M-300-P

Sensor Zebra M-300-P
Zebra’s portfolio of electronic temperature sensors stand out from other temperature-sensing devices because of their unique, purpose-built design. With mobile connectivity and data-sharing capabilities, Zebra devices deliver exceptionally versatile and effective monitoring of temperature-sensitive products throughout production, storage and cold-chain shipping. They give users greater control a   »Ver más
  • Código: M-300-PFabricante: Zebra
  • Desde: 180,00 €

  • Zebra TT-30-300P-2

    Zebra M-300-P
    Electronic temperature sensor, Bluetooth, range -200°C to +200°C, IP40, battery replaceable...

    180,00 €

    217,80 € IVA incl.

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